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Everything you wanted to know about psychology and investing

Crowd psychology and investing

Over the years we have found out that the most significant dynamic force that drives the markets is emotions. Psychology is the study of emotions and mass psychology is the study of the masses. This is why we put together the psychology for dummies section. Our, focus is on teaching individuals, how to use Crowd Psychology to their advantage.

Once you understand how to use this data you can further refine your skills by mastering the art of Technical Mass psychology and investing Analysis.  We have dedicated a huge amount of time to put out the Psychology for Dummies section, and we hope it helps shed some light on this topic.  Understanding how the markets operate is not something that can be mastered in 1-3 day.

Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution. Once you have identified the problem, you can focus on the solution. In this instance, the psychology for dummies section has done most of the work for you.  Finally, before you start trading with real money, our advice is to paper trade for a while.  You will find out that there are things you can only learn from experience and not by simply reading a text.  After paper, trading, you should start playing with small amounts of real money and then slowly increase the amount of money you commit to each trade.

Investing for dummies; Mass Psychology resources 

Investing for dummies: Contrarian Investing Ideas


Investing for dummies: Technical analysis and fundamental investment rules


Investing for dummies: Dividend and Growth investing ideas 

Random Thoughts on Investing for dummies

If you like a guiding hand while you slowly master this process, consider signing up for the market update.   We focus on  Crowd Psychology and utilise Key proprietary tools that we have spent decades developing.  The most efficient of which is the Trend Indicator.   What makes the market update service different? Our approach, we do not fixate only on issuing trades but also on helping the individual understand the markets and become a better trader.

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Everything you wanted to know about psychology and investing

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